2019 Trying to Keep Up With God

Togopala Bible Institute

This past year, 2019 has been a whirlwind. This is the second year for the Bible institute. In fact, March 2020 will be

their BIG graduation celebration. More to come on that next year's newsletter.

Start of Belen Chruch

Pastor Edduin and his wife Karen started another church in the village of Belen. This is so exciting when we know that more people have been delivered from the stronghold of superstitions and witchcraft. The most exciting thing, is that they are learning about the personal relationship they can have with our Lord Jesus.

This little 7 year old boy is in love with Jesus. He approached the pastor and told him that he wants to be a pastor. He asked if he could preach. Pastor Edduin allowed him to preach. This little boy preached on Psalms 142, which he chose himself, and did well. When these people learn the love of the Lord, they are passionate!

Again, we supplied 7 villages with new school shoes that are required for the children to attend school. That's ten more dollars they have to clothes or feed their families. We thank the couple in Alabama who supply the money for this big purchase.

Dormitory for Bible Institute

Fleetwood Bible Church of PA, built dormitories for the students so they can save time and money by staying on the property and not having to travel home each day. God is amazing! He provides everything that's needed for His work. Phillipians 4:19 ...and my God will supply all your needs... and John 14:14...and whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

Making Beds

Our son, Jason and the team from Lebanon COG built 60 beds for children and widows for 4 villages. Along with the beds, they gave backpacks, lamps, and love.

They carried these heavy beds up and down the mountain to their homes.

Medical Clinics

Every year VIMM visits 5 villages and attends to their medical and dental needs. They give these people hope and relief of their suffering and bring the good news of the gospel.

We transported this mother of 4 children, who just lost a baby and said her husband beat her and the children too. We wanted to get her help with her physical problem, but she stayed in the hospital only a day and left. She's extremely poor and scared of her husband who is an older man. She is almost completely blind and is being taken care of or so she thinks. These are sad stories. Not all can be fixed but we can pray, not just Don and I, but everyone who knows or reads our newsletters. Please pray for her.

During our clinics, we offer other services like in this photo. A father and son are giving haircuts. At this village where we helped purchase land and started a foundation for another church, many were saved.

And last but not least, we held Christmas parties for the children in the 7 villages. With a big bag of goodies, an apple, and a meal with meat, we celebrated Christmas and left them with the real meaning of Christmas. We gave each village church money to celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve as they do.

There is so much happening among the Lencas. From a little spark, back in the early years of 2000's, the fire is burning like a wildfire. We give all the honor and praise!

We covet your prayers and help monetarily in order to continue the work. God is always faithful.